Sunday, 24 May 2015

Coming Soon...

Well, Season Two is finally wrapped up, meaning you can now read it in its entirety! Justin and I will be taking the off season to work on some other projects but rest assured, Wolf Hands will return in 2016. Here's a little tease for Season Three!

See you soon, handroids!

About Me

WOLF HANDS is a weekly webcomic that airs in 13 episode seasons (one page a week.) It debuts on the Supermoon, June 23, 2013. TEAM WOLF HANDS is Justin Heggs (Trans-Dimensional Wordsmith) and Nick Johnson (Ink-Stained Casanova) For years now, JUSTIN HEGGS has tried to convince the world that he was a comic book writer, this is his most recent attempt. Previous works can be found in the Don't Be Afraid and Tales From The Comics Experience anthologies from Elevator Pitch Press. email: twitter: @justinheggs Doctor Who themed instagram: doctorwhotonight. NICK JOHNSON is a recent Illustration grad from ACAD and has re-devoted his life to telling stories sequentially. His work can be viewed at and he regularly updates his art blog at